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All About The Elements

Organic things are a lot more than meets the eye. An iceberg is the perfect metephor for the proccess of buying organic products. At the tip of the iceberg, you receive all of the health benefits associated with consuming organically produced goods.

All organic goods, under the USDA certification, are rigorously monitored to maintain the utmost quality of standards; including not using pesticides, herbicides or chemical killers--which are found in trace amounts of non-organic products. These chemicals transfer their way to you and leave everlasting to your body overtime.

With organic goods, you just get what nature intended.

Under the ocean, the largest mass of the iceberg remains. These are all the benefits you are providing to the Earth. With choosing organic agriculture, you choose to help keep the world stay green and sustainable. Those nasty pesticides and other chemicals used farming non-organically cause just as much damage to Earth.

With organic farming, we can create a sustainable, green world for lasting generations to come. Cast your everyday to make the world a better place by purchasing organic goods.

Teds Coco sources its ingredients from only organic suppliers. On top of this, we go above and beyond to make sure special ingredients, like coconut oil being fairtrade, get even more attention to make sure were committing to sustainable ecology for our Earth to flourish for years to come.

Start giving yourself and Earth the best it has to offer today, you guys deserve it.

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