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The Crystal Room

Traveling the California Interstate-5 north up to a sacred city is more than the average road trip. The snow covered super-volcano in Mt.Shasta, California is an experience for the soul.

The thin air and dense pines let you know you've almost arrived. Mt Shasta is known for being a world-renowned spiritual point. Higher vibrations, spiritual awakenings, energy vortexes, lost cities and lots and lots of crystals—I know I'm in the right place.

​On top of the list of to do's: The Crystal Room.* In a vintage building downtown, this is much more than just a room. A dozen rooms lined with rare crystals and minerals. We made a wish to the wishing orb and felt the frequencies of the harmonic bowls. My favorite part: it is a policy that the crystal is not sold unless 'it says "yes" to its energy match.'

This is why I chose to introduce crystals into the Teds collection. Crystal variations can clear, clean and also balance our natural energies within our body and soul. Microcrystalline quarts, one of the most powerful grounding and clearing stones, can be found in Wavy Mineral Spray. I plan to get more into detail on this crystal project, but I'll save that for another blog post.

I finished my trip walking with the trees on the side of a super-volcano. I played in the California snow, then warmed up with pizza and a brew. I haven't even began to explore the secrets of this magical city, yet.


I will be back.

*No affiliation

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