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The skin diet.

Healing our outsides from the insides.

That Random Red Spot

Did Mount Everest land on your forehead this morning? Fried food is the culprit. Leafy greens and a citrus smoothie should clear it up in no time. For immediate action: calm redness with just a single spray of the Facial Tonic.

Blackheads & Whiteheads

These little guys seem to never give-up, so kick that dairy out! Dairy contains hormones that overwork the production of sebum (our natural oils) and having too much of this can clog pores and leave you with endless breakouts. Make the switch to almond milk and protein rich beans like: pinto, black and garbanzo. It's time to whip out the hummus too.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Seaweed and broccoli are nature's little relievers when it comes to these, so keep em stocked up! Madcool is also loaded with vitamin E for an under eye mask that will help to erase those dark circles. Just apply Revival Oil under the eye and lightly massage for about 10 minutes before a cold water cleanse.

Dry Skin

Fresh squeezed juices, fibrous foods like avocado and juicy cucumber will all rejuvenate your complexion. Need more? Snack on a handful of walnuts or other fatty nuts to load your body up with the natural oils it needs. Dry skin and chapped lips are also a sign that you're not getting enough H2O. Hydrate with at least 8 cups (or half your body weight in ounces) of water a day. Need the dryness away right meow? Revival Oil will knock it out with one fell swoop to anywhere on your body.

Recurring Acne

Eating foods that are highly inflammatory will cause an unbalanced complexion. Cut sugar out cold-turkey! By adding cruciferous foods, such as brussel sprouts, their anti-inflammatory properties will calm your skin and make your body feel amazing. Facial Tonic also helps tame acne and irritated skin with the combination of aloe and rose waters.

Oily Skin

Refined carbohydrates can take a toll as they typically transform into sugar. Dark chocolate, avocado and nuts are all great alternatives that help heal our skin instead of damaging it. Try the combination of Revival Oil with Facial Tonic, formulated to balance our oil production--naturally of course.

Acne Scars

Opt for brown rice and other foods high in vitamin C, iron and zinc for collagen production. Eat citrus fruits, olives and coconut (anything) for more relief and symbiosis between the foods. Also add Facial Tonic to your routine, just a couple squirts a day and the scars will go away.

Aging and Wrinkles

If its a leaf, eat it! Cilantro fights aging by dispelling heavy-metals in our body that we've accumulated over the years. Organic foods are free of synthetic hormones and free-radicals that cause aging, so spend the extra--it's worth it!

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