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5 Ways to Design a Sustainable Skincare Routine in 2022

We’ve become so much more aware of the impact we make on our planet. Across social media, we see proof that we as consumers want to make more eco-friendly choices about the products we buy and use. We can say we want more sustainable products as part of our skincare routine, but it takes a real decision and plan to actually do it. Brands are offering sustainable skincare products but it's up to us to choose the right products and ensure we are using them properly to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible.

It’s actually easier than you might think to actually become fully sustainable in your beauty routine this year. Here are 5 ways you can design a sustainable skincare routine in 2022 that will help you make a difference for the planet while still having exceptionally beautiful skin:

  1. Switch to Reusable Cotton Pads. Take a look at the waste you are used to creating as part of your morning routine. Those cotton pads you buy from the department store are usually not organically sourced and are created with chemicals that harm the environment. Not to mention that they end up in the landfill. Switch to reusable cotton pads that are easily washable with soap and water.

2. Stop Buying Lotions in Plastic Bottles. Search for brands with lotions and products that are not packaged in plastic containers. There are many plastic-free options available on the market. You can also seek out options that don’t require a “package” at all, such as aloe vera, avocado oils and homemade moisturizing solutions. Besides, most of those “pump” lotions only dry out your skin.

3. Turn Off The Tap. When we think about sustainable skincare, we think about finding brands that say they are eco-friendly. We don’t think about the decisions we are making at home that might be impacting the environment in some way. For example, when we leave the tap running as we prepare to wash our face or run out of the room to grab a towel, we are using unnecessary water. Try to keep the water you do use as cool as you can to save energy as well.

4. Set Yourself to Change Your Habits. Often we are triggered by the habits we are used to, such as throwing our compostable coffee cups in the trash because that’s where we’re used to tossing them. If you can start educating yourself on how to maximize sustainability, not only in your skincare routine, but your entire day, you’ll notice that your habits will begin to change.

5. Recycle Your Containers Properly.

You can buy sustainably made products, but once you throw the empty container in the garbage instead of disposing or recycling it properly, you might as well be throwing it out the window. Be sure to read the package and find out how it should be recycled and where. It’s also important to wash the container as best as you can. Any leftover product can actually ruin the recycling process for it - and the other items with it - and have it left for the landfill anyway.

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