9 Ways You Might Be Caring For Your Hair Wrong

Having a hair-hangover? Here are some things you might be doing wrong.

1) Routine, routine... routine. Drop the routine.

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, routine can be unhealthy for our hair. A routine hair-style can interfere with our natural hair growth and can even cause baldness! Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with a bald babe. But it’s important to switch it up and let our scalp recover. Try a low-ponytail or a different braid, or what the heck, just let it down every once in a while!

2) Put down the weapons. Rock your natural hair.

Curling-irons, blow-dryers, straighteners, crimpers, heat-wands; what else haven’t they come out with to completely destroy our hair? There's nothing to it, just go all natural. Be sure to give your hair a break.

3) Still towel drying? Old news.

Our hair is most vulnerable to damage when wet. Regular ol’ towels draw moisture right out of the hair-shaft, creating a perfect environment for split-ends. Instead use an old 100% cotton t-shirt to wrap your hair in and be gentle.

4) Happy, Healthy. And just a tid-bit dirty.

Stop washing your hair daily; you need your natural oils. Our natural scalp oil, called sebum, protects our hair and repairs damage, take advantage of it! Plus, too much washing can cause overly active oil glands making your hair greasy.