It all depends on what you start with.

With Teds, we start with nature's most nutrient-rich elements and craft them into one creation.

Take a peek below to see what each ingredient has to offer.

 Fair Trade Organic Virgin Coconut Oil / penetr-ates the hair follicle, high in omega-3 and omega-6, resulting 

in a major protein boost. very rich in nutrients with great antibacterial properties. 


 Organic Jojoba Oil /  full of fatty acids closely relating with our skin for ultimate moisture. stocked with vitamins that shine, soften, add volume,  and encourage hair growth. 


 Organic Sunflower Oil / crammed with vitamins including: A, B, C, and E helping prevent water loss and UV protection. high in omega-9 for a wider spectrum of proteins for hair repair.


 Organic Castor Oil / rich in vitamin e, proteins and fatty acids that thicken, prevent hair loss, rand help with regrowth.


 Organic Hemp Oil / packed with fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients to provide a great balance of everything your hair needs.


 Organic Argan Oil / provides protection from the sun while it hydrates with it’s abundance of vitamin e, preventing dryness. | to condition, soften and balance the texturization in mineral spray.


 Organic Olive Oil / heals breakage, repairs split ends, strengthens and shines with both vitamin a and e.


 Blend of Organic Essential Oils / provides stimulation for hair growth, balances pH, provides luster, speeds healing, prevents hair loss, and an abundance of other specialized benefits.

French Green Clay / to provide hair with the natural substances it needs to flourish

- to detox pre-existing free radicals 


Organic Aloe Vera Gel / UV protectant for all day beach hair


Worldly Salt Blend / to texturize hair with correct magnesium levels, making the perfect wavy effect. to produce light hold for lasting style.


Distilled Water / water, nothing else.



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